♡ NEW DROP! SHOP UPDATE - New Digital Prints! ♡

♡ NEW DROP! SHOP UPDATE - New Digital Prints! ♡

We are back! I've been taking a break from selling things for around a year while I have been focusing on Tattooing. Now that I've found a balance I can get back to producing art people will love! I've put together some new drops for a new start. I have changed Physical Prints to Digital ones due to difficulty with Shipping Couriers and having packages being treated carelessly. 

Having a Digital print leaves the outcome of the physical print entirely up to you so you have freedom in choosing your preferred medium and finish. 

FYI- At the moment I do not have stickers available. HOWEVER- They will come back in the future, along with other forms of Merch. (Attire, Possibly?)

I hope you guys like this selection! 

What's NEW!

♡ New Prints ♡
• Shenhe - Genshin Impact
• Morrigan Aensland

• Raiden Baal
• Jinx - League Of Legends
• Default Ahri
• KDA Ahri
• Sukuna
• Miia Monster Musume " T.Y.A."

♡ New Original Design Prints 

•  Tsunami Oni